Your Children's Best Place to Learn Chinese Language in Dubai and the ONLY place you and your child can learn together. A Truly Beautiful Language.A Truly Future Language.

Happy Mandarin is your children’s best place to learn the Chinese language , a truly beautiful, unique and future language, which will open up educational, career and business opportunities for you and your children!

We are proudly KHDA permitted (The Knowledge and Human Development Authority), DED licensed (Department of Economic Development) and a member of Dubai SME (a part of Dubai government and a division of DED). We aim and strive to establish the best Chinese language and culture teaching center in Dubai by offering fun, interesting, vibrant and highly academic language classes to both young learners and adults, to schools and other educational providers, to private companies and governmental organizations in the future.

We only use a carefully-chosen and internationally widely adopted curriculum and other supplementary teaching materials with unique and efficient teaching methods developed through years of successful teaching practice.

We offer classes to  children of Emirati families who more and more realize the importance of their children learning Chinese at an early stage of their lives. We also offer classes to children of expatriate families whose mother country education system demands compulsory Mandarin learning, and also, to children of  Chinese families who have become more concerned about their children’s mother tongue education. It is very interesting to note that all our parents are very aware of how learning the Mandarin language is bound to influence the future of their children. They have experience in the global markets and they have realised more than ever the importance of teaching this to their future generation.

Our teachers are our pride. They are all highly qualified Chinese native instructors with solid Chinese academic background,  with superior, unique and practical teaching method,  with deep love and pride about Chinese language, history, traditions and values, with great passion on teaching this very ancient but very powerful language to people from all over the world.


Founders Message

Since as long as I can remember I have been in love with the Chinese language, its artistic character and its poetic sound.It has instilled in me inherent moral values and great pride in my very rich native culture.

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Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese Language

Our Students & Parents

We love seeing smiling faces of children while they learn the Chinese language at Happy Mandarin! It gives us the greatest joy to impart this language and teach them the culture of the great Chinese land. Read on below to know what our students have to say.

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Our Students & Parents

Our Curriculum

We encourage weekly minimum 3 classroom hours if it is not more, which is the standard hours required by “Easy Steps to Chinese”, the main curriculum we use to teach.

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Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids

Admissions Open

It is easy to apply for our Chinese language classes! Just fill in the registration form and come visit us at Raffles International School, Jumeirah, Dubai with the registration fees. Term starts on October 3.

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The Chinese Language

At Happy Mandarin we find the art of learning and teaching the Chinese language fascinating – it sounds melodious when we hear it or speak it, and it writes out like a beautiful poem!

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Chinese Language Fascinating

Meet our Team

Our teachers are our pride. They are all highly qualified Chinese native instructors with solid Chinese academic background, with superior, unique and practical teaching methods

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Meet our Qualified Team

Learning with Happy Mandarin

We adopt the most practical and superior teaching methodology. We only use a carefully-chosen and internationally widely adopted curriculum and other supplementary teaching materials with unique and efficient teaching methods developed through years of successful teaching practice.

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Learning the Chinese Language with Happy Mandarin

News & Events

We are a fast growing institute and we are constantly updating our calendars with interesting activities. Stay tuned.

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Happy Mandarin News & Events

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We finally have our pictures ready from the Chinese New Year celebrations we had at Happy Mandarin in February! We are so happy that all our planning and all our passion and enthusiasm for this event has paid off and everyone has had a wonderful enriching time! 🎉🎉🎉 ... See MoreSee Less

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Chinese History Introduction
Mar.16, 2017
Thursday Posting@HM

Dà jiào yù jiā, Kǒng zǐ
大 教 育 家,孔子
Confucius, the Great Educator

Confucius is one of the 10 internationally recognized thinkers, and his thoughts have had a wide-ranging influence in China and East Asia.
Confucius (551-479 BC) was surnamed Kong and his given name was Qiu. He styled himself Zhongni. He was born in Zouyi in the State of Lu in the last Spring and Autumn Period. He was the founder of Confucianism.
He put forward the ideology of benevolence (ren) on the part of rulers toward their people, stressing that the political rule should be based on virtue not on force.
Confucius was also a great educator. He advocated that everyone was equal in education. He taught his disciples without discrimination, no matter what their social status was. Confucius established private schools and broke the government's monopoly over education. It is said that Confucius taught as many as 3000 disciples, among whom 72 became very famous.
Confucius proposed teaching students according to their aptitude. He said one should be honest in learning and not pretend to know what one did not know. He told his pupils to review what they had learned regularly during their study, because new knowledge can be gained by reviewing old knowledge.
The disciples of Confucius recorded his words and deeds in the Analects of Confucius, which is one of the classics of the Confucian school. Confucius's theories formed the orthodox ruling ideology in China for over 2000 years.
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At HM, we take both positive and negative class feedback into considerations.

We appreciate mums careful class observations and practical suggestions, they are there to help us prepare better lessons and deliver better class teachings.🙏

Hi Reem. Hope you are well. Just wanted to provide some quick feedback on the lady class. I was happy with the way the class progressed, it felt there was more content to the lesson this time round. The children learnt the names for the different types of fruit but also within the context of sentences which was useful. I am also glad the teacher was focused on speaking more in mandarin than in English. I believe part of the success in our children learning this amazing language is also exposure to it.
Ava and I are looking forward to Saturday's class.

By the way we also love the takeaway booklets given at the end of each lesson. I carry in my bag and we review it a couple times a day, it only takes a few minutes so is perfect for a busy mum like me. She loves it and it really does keep her engaged.
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Chinese Cultural Introduction
Mar.2nd, 2017
Thursday posting@HM

Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qinshihuang Mausoleum
qínshǐhuáng bīngmǎyǒng
秦 始 皇 兵 马 俑

The first emperor of Qin Dynasty, known as Qinshihuang(秦始皇qínshǐhuáng)made great achievements in Chinese history. While still alive, he mobilized huge manpower and used a great deal of materials to build his mausoleum. The terracott warriors and Horses were used as burial objects to accompany the emperor in the after world.

The terracotta warriors and horses( 兵马俑bīngmǎyǒng) were first discovered in 1974. Archaeologists, from three terracotta figurines pits occupying about 2000 square meters, have since unearthed some 8000 lifelike soldiers and horses. Standing in formation, they indicate the powerful military might of Qin when it unified China.
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Each class is a family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. The weekly Chinese class is a reunion. The children find fun in learning Chinese. We cherish every child, they are like our angels👼🏻. The children's smile warms the heart of every teacher💕💕. ... See MoreSee Less

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