Your Children's Best Place to Learn Chinese Language in Dubai and the ONLY place you and your child can learn together. A Truly Beautiful Language.A Truly Future Language.

Welcome to Happy Mandarin, the fastest growing premium Mandarin education provider in Dubai!  We are proudly approved and accredited by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of Dubai; and a member of Dubai SME.

We specialize in offering high-calibre Mandarin courses to both children and adults, to schools and other educational providers, to private companies and governmental organizations, with a well-rounded highly academic Mandarin learning experience combined with traditional Chinese values in an immersive, enriching, engaging and vibrant environment!

We have successfully developed a student centric curriculum and teaching methodology which emphasizes on teaching techniques’ designing  and innovation,  encouraging students active participation and absorbing  the class learning easily and in a fun way. We respect every student’s religion, culture, growth, background and commit ourselves to creating a relaxed and pleasant classroom atmosphere. We show sincerity and dedication to help them overcome difficulties they face while learning. We stimulate their enthusiasm for learning to help them with their growth.

We have achieved a safe, trusted, happy and loving environment with devoted students, involved parents ensuring that we have a base of loyal clients and a strong referral system. The large volume of heartfelt feedback and testimonials we have received from our students and parents about the quality of our classes, after class followup and devotion is extremely gratifying and encourages us to keep innovating; and keep striving towards improving, maintaining and providing high standards of Mandarin education.

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Founders Message

Since as long as I can remember I have been in love with the Chinese language, its artistic character and its poetic sound.It has instilled in me inherent moral values and great pride in my very rich native culture.

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Our Students & Parents

We love seeing smiling faces of children while they learn the Chinese language at Happy Mandarin! It gives us the greatest joy to impart this language and teach them the culture of the great Chinese land.

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Our Curriculum

We encourage weekly minimum 3 classroom hours if it is not more, which is the standard hours required by “Easy Steps to Chinese”, the main curriculum we use to teach.

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Admissions Open

We've got exciting, immersive, engaging and easy to learn Chinese language learning programs for all ages. Our methodology is unique and the courses are designed to engage students and instill the love for the Chinese language, tradition and culture.

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The Chinese Language

At Happy Mandarin we find the art of learning and teaching the Chinese language fascinating – it sounds melodious when we hear it or speak it, and it writes out like a beautiful poem!

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Meet our Team

Our teachers are our pride. They are all highly qualified Chinese native instructors with solid Chinese academic background, with superior, unique and practical teaching methods

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Learning with Happy Mandarin

We adopt the most practical and superior teaching methodology. We only use a carefully-chosen and internationally widely adopted curriculum and other supplementary teaching materials with unique and efficient teaching methods developed through years of successful teaching practice.

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News & Events

We are a fast growing institute and we are constantly updating our calendars with interesting activities. Stay tuned.

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Happy Mandarin News & Events

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Chinese News Post
Oct. 19, 2017
Thursday Posting@HM

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened today in Beijing, capital of China. The party delegates at the congress will elect the new leadership of the Communist Party of China by the elite. While reviewing the results in the past 5 years, China will also lay out the all around development plan for the next 5 years which is closely monitored by the rest of the world.
Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping opened a historic Communist party meeting in Beijing with a three hour and 23 minute speech that heralded a “new era” in Chinese politics. The following are some of the highlights of his speech:
“The Chinese nation is a great nation - it has been through hardships and adversity but remains indomitable. The Chinese people are a great people - they are industrious and brave and they never pause in pursuit of progress.”
“By 2050 the country will “stand proudly among the nations of the world” and “become a leading global power.”
“We will work hard to transform China into a “country of innovators”, focusing on aerospace, cyberspace, transportation. I promise to increase market access for foreign companies and also increase the markets role in the financial system and exchange rate.”
“We want to build a “beautiful China” with a clean environment, high tech companies and responsive government, so Chinese people will enjoy greater happiness and well-being.”
#Chinese #language training #China
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Our weekly Mandarin class at Collegiate American School is so much in demand!
" Monday i have a Mandarin class to go to, at Happy Mandarin! " said Hamda and Hamed

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Students at #HappyMandarin are ready for The #ChineseGoldenWeek. #wesharebecausewecare ... See MoreSee Less

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Tomorrow October 1st is the Chinese National Day where the people of China celebrate their rich culture, heritage and history with pomp, pleasure and festivities. #ChineseNationalDay #NationalDay #festival #culture #heritage #happymandarin #learnchinese #dubai ... See MoreSee Less

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