About us

Happy Mandarin is your children’s best place to learn the Chinese language , a truly beautiful, unique and future language, which will open up educational, career and business opportunities for you and your children!

We are proudly KHDA permitted (The Knowledge and Human Development Authority), DED licensed (Department of Economic Development) and a member of Dubai SME (a part of Dubai government and a division of DED). We aim and strive to establish the best Chinese language and culture teaching center in Dubai by offering fun, interesting, vibrant and highly academic language classes to both young learners and adults, to schools and other educational providers, to private companies and governmental organizations in the future.
We only use a carefully-chosen and internationally widely adopted curriculum and other supplementary teaching materials with unique and efficient teaching methods developed through years of successful teaching practice.

We offer classes to children of Emirati families who more and more realize the importance of their children learning Chinese at an early stage of their lives. We also offer classes to children of expatriate families whose mother country education system demands compulsory Mandarin learning, and also, to children of Chinese families who have become more concerned about their children’s mother tongue education.

Our teachers are our pride. They are all highly qualified Chinese native instructors with solid Chinese academic background, with superior, unique and practical teaching method, with deep love and pride about Chinese language, history, traditions and values, with great passion on teaching this very ancient but very powerful language to people from all over the world.