Early Learners Mandarin

Age: 4- 6 years

Children learn through interactive games, nursery rhymes and interactive activities.

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Chinese Language Fascinating

Preteens Mandarin

Age: 10-12 years

Highly academic, vibrant and engaging classes for Pre-teens with focus on the 4 pillars of language development

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Meet our Qualified Team

Mandarin ASA Program

Ages: 4 -8 years

Chinese Language as an after school program at our partner schools to learn basics and instill a love of the language.

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Mandarin for Adults

Our Adults classes are immensely successful due to the growing demand to communicate in Chinese in the business environment

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Happy Mandarin News & Events

Credentials & Partners

Young Learner's Mandarin

Age: 7- 9 years

Classes focused on phonetics, grammar and Chinese characters to maximise language exposure.

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Our Students & Parents

Teenagers & Young Adults Mandarin

Age: 13-18 years

Highly academic, vibrant and engaging classes designed to engage the skill and maturity of this age group

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Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids

Mother Tongue Program

Age: Various

Program designed to enhance the Chinese language education of native Chinese language speakers

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Learning the Chinese Language with Happy Mandarin

Corporate Training

Customised training programs based on the needs of the organisation to develop professional’s Chinese language abilities

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