Our teachers are our pride. They are all highly qualified Chinese native instructors with solid Chinese academic background,  with superior, unique and practical teaching method,  with deep love and pride about Chinese language, history, traditions and values, with great passion on teaching this very ancient but very powerful language to people from all over the world.

Meet Our Team

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Hello, everyone, my name is Zuojing, and I’m from Chengdu which is one of the most beautiful city in China. I have a masters degree from Liaoning Shihua University. During my time at University I was lucky to get a chance to be a teaching assistant to my professor. From there my love for teaching grew and I fell in love with teaching! More than anything, I have a strong passion for teaching and this guides me and shows me the road ahead when it comes to teaching my students. I will always make sure I go out my way to ensure that my students have received the best teaching and technique from me. My aim is to always keep my class and my students engaged! I do this by finding different methods and techniques that keep their attention going.
I am their friend, teacher and I want to share as much knowledge as possible with them! I do enjoy a little bit of arts and crafts and this is my secret hobby.

Being at Happy Mandarin, pushed my standards higher. The demand here is for excellence in academics and it drives me to provide this for them. I have taught all classes from toddlers, to chinese mother tongue and to adults and I adapt well to their changing demands and needs. I am very proud of the company that we have here as the teacher, who are all highly educated and more importantly I have found a friend and family in all of them. I am so privileged that I get to be part of this institute.


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Hi my name is Ruixue Laoshi from the from the capital of China – Beijing. I graduated from Harbin Normal University which symbolises Chinese art and culture in the region. I was directly managing as a teacher, two classes in the North Art School. I have taught students between the age 3 to 16 years! From here my passion has developed and I feel I have found my true calling. I have absolute passion and dedication towards teaching children – it gives me immense satisfaction, joy and helps me perceive children differently. I learn from my students, I respect them, I try my best to understand their individual personality and then I teach them!
If you walk into my classroom you will always find a happy and positive environment! My students always look forward to class with me!
Happy Mandarin, re-instills my faith in the passion I have for teaching about my lovely culture and language. Coming here to Dubai and then joining and being part of the Happy Mandarin family, I have formed solid friendships and more importantly I feel a sense of belonging to a family. Reem Laoshi’s constant dedication to making this the best language centre in Dubai has strengthened my faith in what I do as my job. I feel so happy and so privileged that I get to teach these children about such a lovely culture and such a rich language.

大家好,我是瑞雪老师,来自中国的首都-北京。毕业于哈尔滨师范大学,一直从事于美术和汉语文化工作。曾在北方艺校独立担任两个班级的班主任,教授他们文化知识课,我的学生年龄跨度很大,低至3岁高至16岁,但这些都不能阻挡我对教育的热情,无论面对什么年龄什么性格的学生,我都会全身心的爱护他们,尊重他们,教导他们。 我喜欢我的课堂气氛永远都是快乐而积极的,所以上课时我通常会结合音乐和美术,更为直观的融入教学,让孩子们在快乐中生活,在游戏中学习。来到HAPPY MANDARIN是我的荣幸,在这里我感受到了家庭的般的关爱,朋友般的友谊,更看到了老师与学生们对汉语言文化的热忱,正是如此更加坚定了我作为中文老师的坚定的心。生活是美好的,汉语是美好的,只要我们用心去体会,用眼去发现,用脑去思考,用口去表达,用手去书写,这学习的过程就是我们享受生活、享受汉语的过程,我希望能在接下来的日子里与孩子们共同成长,一起领略中国语言文化的博大精深!

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大家好,我是谢腾,毕业于湖南涉外经济学院英语本科翻译专业。毕业三年多,在迪拜Apparel Group和华为工作过,担任两年的经理助理,行政助理以及1年的销售工作。


Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Tengteng, majored in English language bachelor degree and graduated from Hunan International Economics University. I have been in Dubai for the last 3 years, worked as personal assistant and admin assistant in Huawei Technology Company for 2 years and employed by Club Apparel for one year as sales.

My passion lies completely towards education. Education is a business of a lifetime of mentorship and I believe being a teacher is as important as parents. Therefore, I devoted myself to guide teenagers study during my leisure time, discuss with them and care about their growth. I make sure I am responsible and considerate to each learner. I am so grateful to join “Happy Mandarin”, to experience the happiness of study and to cultivate such strong teaching skills.

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Hello everyone, my name is Yinuo. I graduated from Florida International University with two bachelor’s degree in management. After graduate I joined Emirates Airlines and started my adventure in Dubai. In 2014, I moved to the US for my flight training and became a pilot in the same year. In 2015,I came back to Dubai and live here ever since.

Some people boasted me as an all-rounder. I am a traveler, a pilot, a manager and an interpreter. But I always prefer the title of teacher. I have been teaching Chinese ever since I got my TCSL (teaching Chinese as a second language) certificate. I also have 2 years’ experiences teaching English to toddlers and teenagers. And I help student pilots with their ground school in my free time. Most of my students love my teaching methods.

Teaching is my passion. And I’d love to share my story and knowledge with those who’s interested in Mandarin and Chinese culture.

Happy Mandarin is a very professional language learning institute, provides serious and suited education products for students at all age groups. I’d like to see you in such a warm and happy family Happy Mandarin in the near future!





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⁠⁠⁠Hello everyone, My name is Kiko and I’m from Chongqing city which is in the southwest of China. I graduated from China University of Geosciences(Wuhan) in 2003 and ever since then I’ve worked and lived in Shenzhen for 11 years. I have been working as an English teacher in EF School and also joined HUAWEI the greatest company in China with worldwide presence.

In 2014, I moved to Dubai and fell in love with this amazing city in an instant. Almost everyone is bilingual and speak more than three languages. It is amazing to see so many people interested in Chinese culture and to see the increasing popularity of Mandarin. I like meeting people in this beautiful city and bridging the gap between the two cultures.

I have several years of teaching experience, not just in Mandarin but also in English. I love children and care about their growth. I have passion and patience, I’m open minded and willing to communicate with all of them and their parents. I’m also a Mom of a 4.5 years old little girl, she also learns Chinese at Happy Mandarin. Working with Happy Mandarin is like living with one big happy family.

Happy Mandarin is a very professional language learning institute, provides serious and suited education products for students at all age groups. The principal and the teachers are all so friendly, well educated and trained I’m so pleased to join in such a warm and happy family. See you in Happy Mandarin soon.





My name is Sanam and I am from India. 
I am responsible for the marketing, digital as well as offline, for Happy Mandarin. My Engineering background allows me the technical skills to implement our marketing plans, while my business management degree from the University of Leeds, UK,  helps me add much more value to these skills. 
My journey with Happy Mandarin has been a very fast paced one. It is an ever growing organization and things move very quickly and efficiently here and we are constantly inspired by Mrs Reem. I love the challenges it offers me and I enjoy being part of this family. 
More importantly, I am constantly learning new things everyday about the Chinese language, culture and I have made some great friends here from China, an opportunity I would not have got if it weren’t for Happy Mandarin. That’s what Happy Mandarin stands for, to bridge the gap between cultures. 
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