Parents Testimonials

Rohan's Dad

Mrs. Reem is an attentive and caring teacher. She carefully studies each child and tailors her lessons and home learning assignments to each child individually rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. Her support extends beyond the classroom, with regular whatsapp messages, voice samples and an “open call” policy whereby children can contact her during the week for additional assistance as required. She is very much loved by her students, not only as a teacher but also as someone with genuine and heart-felt interest in their progress and development.


Nathan’s Mother

We feel so lucky to have gotten you as Nathan’s Chinese language teacher for the last one year. Nathan started in your class with no knowledge of Chinese. Both John and I feel that he has learned so many new words and we are proud of his progress in your class.

You have such enthusiasm and patience. You also have a dynamic way that you deliver lessons and encourage participation during class. You’ve built a strong foundation for Nathan for his Chinese language skills.

You also go the extra mile when you feel that he does not understand and we appreciate your time and your ability to help him.

You’ve done a fantastic job, and thank you for everything.

Ola Al Ahmad

Mughny’s mother

I really enjoy coming to Miss Reem’s class every Saturday. She always begins her class in a very well organised way and can manage the time very well. We love her sense of humour and find her classes very enjoyable. I really like the way she treats all students with care and respect. Her class environment is very comfortable for students and their parents. Every one can speak freely in class which creates an atmosphere of understanding in the class. She teaches us with an appropriate pace stopping to check on students engagement and understanding. I appreciate her immediate and frequent feedback and she always encourages students and praises their answers. Her homework is also well planned with a variety of activities and provides parents with weekly review sheets that are very helpful.We are very happy to be part of Mrs Reem’s classes, she makes learning Chinese more fun! Many thanks Mrs Reem, you are the BEST!