About Us

Why “Happy Mandarin”?

Our loving, passionate, devoted and professional native Mandarin teachers!

Our well HM-trained, beautifully-accented Chinese native language instructors have great love, deep proud and enormous passion on teaching Mandarin, a truly BEAUTIFUL, a truly FUTURE language to children and adults from all over the world!

Team of great Mandarin Teachers

Our fun, engaging, vibrant and highly academic classes!

An average of 6 to 10 hours are spent for each dedicated class planning; Each stage of class learning is carefully designed and planned to fully accommodate four pillars of language learning: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Young Learner Class

Our around-the-clock After-class followup system!

To ensure our students solid grasping of weekly learning content, to cultivate confident Mandarin learners with gradual achievements and sense of accomplishments, an efficient and dedicated after-class followup system is developed since the beginning establishment of Happy Mandarin.

Early Learner Class

Our Belief in Education!

We believe that children are the most adorable learners in the world, and every child is blessed with his/her unique learning strength and characteristics. As a Mandarin language educator, we need to discover each child’s uniqueness in learning Mandarin, nurture it with appreciation, love, encouragement by being a patient accompany, guiding instructor and brave practitioners! Through teaching Mandarin, we grow together with our children; through teaching Mandarin, we bring up young but confident Mandarin communicators; through teaching Mandarin, we find BETTER and HAPPIER ourselves!