Come and Join!!

Come and join our exciting new term for the academic year of 2015 to 2016, which will begin on Oct.3rd at Raffles International School in Jumeira!

 On the day of Oct.3,  we will be very excited to see many happy faces of old students and parents, as well as many happy faces of new students and parents. 

There will be classes available for students who are in different Chinese language academic levels. Students will be happily guided to different classrooms to meet their happy teachers who have been expecting her/his students’ arrival for the whole summer!

All our classes are grouped as per the children’s age and their Chinese language academic level. We have 5 academic groups: 

  • Total Beginners Group 
  • Beginners Group
  • Elementary Group 
  • Intermediate Group 
  • Advance Group 

 To encourage new students enrollment, we provide very attractive price discounts as following:

  • Early Bird Enrollment: students who register online and send us filled student registration form to before Sep.25 will be exempted from paying registration fees (AED250) on Oct.3;
  • Sibling discount: We offer a special 10% sibling discount! We welcome all children from your family to join us. 
  • “Word of Mouth” referral Enrollment: We have great offers for any new student who is introduced to Happy Mandarin through another old student’s parents. BOTH the referring student and the referred student will be eligible to attractive promotion offers. If a student signs up for 17 sessions per term, we will give them one session free of cost and if he signs up for 34 sessions we will give him two sessions free of cost. 

  • We offer attractive discounts to members of Happy Mandarin who are affiliated with our strategic business partners. 

Our teachers will be available from 5:00pm to 6:30pm on Sep.20 and Sep 21 for students assessment at Raffles International School, Jumeirah.

 Come and join Happy Mandarin, a truly big happy family for all the students and parents!

Come and learn Mandarin, a truly beautiful and future language, which will open up educational, career and business opportunities for  you and your children!