Benefits of HSK Mandarin Chinese Certification


HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì is the most popular and most accepted Chinese language proficiency testing system for non-native students. The certification is the most widely accepted and internationally recognized Mandarin language certification. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world, therefore being a certified Mandarin communicator can open doors to a plethora of professional, educational, and personal opportunities.


Certified HSK college and university applicants will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the education offered by the best Universities in China. They can also apply for scholarships offered by the Chinese government and the Universities to foreign students who have excellent language proficiency scores. Not only does the HSK certification broaden your horizons, but paves way for students to assimilate easily into a new culture and create lasting connections and experiences to last a lifetime.


With the global expansion of trade and commerce, communicating a message across the world takes mere seconds. As economies have grown, the world has indeed become a smaller place with a global marketplace at one’s fingertips. Today, millions of companies and their employees directly or indirectly work with Chinese companies. Thus, the ability to effectively communicate in Mandarin has become a necessity in the global workplace. Learning Mandarin is more than just being able to converse with your Chinese counterparts, it is also about understanding their business culture and values; and creating a cohesive, mutually beneficial business environment. Therefore, becoming an efficient and proficient Mandarin communicator not only helps to get your message across but shows your Chinese colleagues that you value and respect them enough to learn one of the toughest languages on earth. This enhances trust and bonding with your peers paving the way for fruitful business partnerships.


Many people fall in love with the Chinese language and many more fall in love with China, the Chinese culture, and its rich heritage. The language of a nation is its soul, encompassing all the past, enhancing the present and creating the future. Language represents the journey of the people and civilisation. So, if you love languages or if you love China, once you are proficient in the language, you will not only be able to converse with Chinese locals, read books and street signs but you will also be able to unlock its mysteries, journey through its folklore, and embrace the rich culture and tradition through the lens of the Mandarin language. Given the uniqueness of the language and its writing system, the more you learn and become a proficient Mandarin communicator, the more you will live the Chinese experience. To learn more about the HSK curriculum, our fun and engaging learning system and how we incorporate Chinese tradition, culture and heritage in our Mandarin lessons, get in touch with us at

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