Class Structure and Teaching

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Mandarin Once in a week

Classes only available on every Saturday mornings and afternoons

  • Total Beginners Group,
  • Beginners Group,
  • Elementary Group
  • Intermediate Group
  • Advance Group


Morning: 10:00am-12:00pm

Afternoon: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Group size

10-15 students

If the class size is above 12 students, there will be an assistant teacher in the class as well to facilitate overall learning.

Class structure

50-20-50 (50 minutes for the 1st class, then flowed by 20 minutes break, and then followed by 2nd class which lasts another 50minutes)

Mandarin twice a week

Classes available during the weekdays from Sunday to Wednesday

Sunday and Monday:

  • Total beginners group
  • Beginners group

Monday and Tuesday:

  • Beginners Group
  • Elementary Group

Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • Elementary Group
  • Intermediate Group


Evening: 5:00pm-6:30pm

Group size

8-10 students

Class structure

40-10-40 (40minutes for the 1st class, then followed by 10minutes break, and then followed by 2nd class which lasts another 40minutes)

We encourage weekly minimum 3 classroom hours if it is not more, which is the standard hours required by “Easy Steps to Chinese”, the main curriculum we use to teach. Hence, most students will be able to complete one book within one academic year.

Student’s age and his/her Mandarin academic level are the two factors taken into consideration for his/her class grouping. For students who have previous learning experience, there will be an entry test at the time of admission, which includes listening, speaking, reading and writing, the four pillars of language development.