Day of the Dumping

We had such a lovely lovely lovely time at the Happy Mandarin Day of the Dumpling at the amazing Hong Loong restaurant at the magnificent Sofitel Palm Hotel in Jumeirah. It has been the most enriching afternoon for all of us.
















We started with a little role play in Mandarin by our students helping them understand how to communicate as a chef, waiter and a guest in a restaurant. They then learned to make yummy dumplings on their own and what fun it was. Some turned out as pizza dough, some looked like the map of the world, but they all tried very hard and in the end they got it. Our lovely parents were constantly encouraging them and helping them.




































Each and every student enjoyed themselves so much and they want to do this again!
As we always say at Happy Mandarin, learning Chinese is not only about the language, it is more about understanding the culture of the wonderful land of China. Happy Mandarin helped these lovely students understand the celebration and practice that goes behind the famous Chinese dumpling all the way in the UAE.
Learning Mandarin beyond the books, beyond the classroom, and really immerse our students into the culture of China-LIVE cooking station @ Happy Mandarin Day of Dumplings.
Oh, we forgot to mention, the dumplings were SO yummy.