Happy Mandarin’s Happy Opening Ceremony

Saturday 19 September
Venue: HI2 Centre, Business Village, Dubai

Happy Mandarin announced the launch of their new Chinese language learning centre on the 19 of September 2015 at the Hamdan Innovation Incubator – HI2 located at Business Village. The ceremony was attended by many lovely students, supportive parents, friends and business associates who enjoyed a really fun filled Saturday morning.

Mrs. Reem Hong CMT, who is the founder and director of Happy Mandarin, started the ceremony with her presentation on the mission of Happy Mandarin – which aims and strives to establish the best Chinese language and culture training centre by offering fun, interesting, vibrant and highly-academic classes to both young learners and adults, to schools and other educational providers, to private companies and govermental organizations in the future. For now, HM only focuses on children (aged 6 to 18 years) group classes specially designed for efficient language learning experience.


HM only uses carefully selected and internationally adopted curriculum, such as Easy Steps to Chinese for kids, Easy Steps to Chinese for teenage children, HSK standard courses and other supplementary teaching materials. Parents have an flexibility to choose between one class per week for their children, or two classes per week, with an option for weekend classes or weekday classes.

Guests were also introduced to the entire Happy Mandarin team, who are highly qualified Chinese native instructors with a solid academic background in the Chinese language. Their enthusiasm to impart knowledge about the Chinese language and the culture was very apparent.

What was particularly interesting, was the display of Chinese culture, right here in Dubai! A girl named Fei fei who is only 10 years old, to play Gu Zheng, an ancient Chinese instrument and it was a joy to watch her.


We were also introduced to the beauty of the Chinese characters through professional calligraphy writing demonstrated by a famous Chinese artist from mainland of China, using authentic Chinese brushes. All the guests went home with a placard with their name written in Chinese.


There was also special tea served in Chinese tea cups by a Chinese tea expert who shared her tea making expertise with guests surrounding her.


The children really enjoyed playing all the special games organised for them and enjoyed their Chinese gifts. Food was sourced by one of the most well known caterers in Dubai.

All in all it was a lovely Saturday morning which allowed us a great insight into the prevalent Chinese culture in Dubai. It was amazing to see deep love of the Chinese culture with an equal passion on teaching this language. Wishing Happy Mandarin, continued success in their new endeavour!