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Dear Parents,

We have been cooking up something really exciting in the backend and are finally ready to tell you about it.

It is the Day of the Dumpling at Happy Mandarin, and we want to take all our little “Po’s” out for a fun culture day!

As you know, Happy Mandarin believes in a wholesome education for all our students and we want to introduce them to behind the scene action for making dumplings. We have attached a small write up with this email about the significance of dumplings and China so that you can gain a background understanding of the same.

Our plan is as follows:

Date: 25th November Friday

Time: 3:00-5:00PM

Location: The wonderful Sofitel Dubai Palm Resort and Spa, in Palm Jumeirah, right next to the magnificent Atlantis Hotel.

Restaurant: Hong Loong

Location map and pictures of the hotel and restaurents will be shared with parents’ groups later.

Fees: AED 150 for each student

Please bring the payment to the class before Nov.25 and give it to your teacher.

The head chef Mr. Fan Yue Yue at Hong loong is from Yang Zhou, which is actually our very own Reem Laoshi’s home town, so you can expect the Dumplings to be really authentic and tasty. Giving traditional Chinese cuisine a contemporary twist, Hong Loong’s live cooking station lets you observe the chefs in action. The restaurant’s contemporary atmosphere, with its red, black and gold decor, suits children and families as well.

We have a very exciting afternoon lined up for our students! Our aim is to immerse them in the culture of China and at the same time continue with their teaching of the Chinese language. For this we have decided to give each student a designated role, and we will interchange these along the way.

While some will be chefs, some will act as waiters or waitresses and others will escort restaurant visitors to their tables. Ofcourse all dialogue will be in Chinese. On Nov.19, we will have a whole class focussing on introducing new dialogues, and the dialogue practice will be extended to next week(Nov.20-24) via home phone calls made by our teachers, as we want to ensure that each student will practice their lines and get ready for their role.

Once at the lovely Hong Loong restaurant, our expert chef will teach them how to make dumplings! He and another interactive chef will provide one on one guidance to each student and make sure they learn how to go about making these easily and they will be able to do this themselves once we are done!

The best part is – the best 5 dumplings makers will receive a special reward from Mrs. Reem Hong, the founder and director of Happy Mandarin!

We require our students to be well dressed to come to the restaurant. Dumplings are usually made during celebrations and reunions in China and we want them to understand this cultural significance. We also request our students to have short nail hands as they will be actively participating in preparing the food in good hygiene.

In addition, each student needs the following:

– An apron that fits them

– A wooden spatula( pic will be shared via whatsup group)

– A small plastic container to keep 1-3 dumplings they have made so they can show these off to their families and friends

Important notice: Sofitel Dubai has been very kind in offering their restaurant to Happy Mandarin although they require parents to sign a disclaimer(attached) because our students will be participating in the food preparations. Please do sign this and send it along with your child for the Saturday class. Pls also specify if your children have allergies with any food.

Pls also be noted that there will be photo-taking and video-shooting taking place that day.

We are so excited about our Day of the Dumpling and just cannot wait to have fun with all our students! We are looking forward to seeing all of them there!


Happy Mandarin

Nov.16, 2016-Wednesday

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