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Our newly-established Chinese language training institute is located conveniently in the prime area of Jumeirah. We aim to offer very fun, interesting, vibrant and highly academic language classes to children aged 6 to 16 years, and to help students establish a  solid foundation of vocabulary, knowledge of Chinese and communication skills through the natural and gradual integration of language, content and cultural elements. At the same time, we want to inspire them to broaden their outlook to all aspects of the rich cultural heritage of China. Apart from our extensive teaching tools and techniques we also focus on immersing our students into Chinese traditions and building friendly bridges with its people and to enhance inter-cultural understanding.

We are always looking for the right candidates with similar ideals, patience and compassion to join our team. Apart from imparting your knowledge you must have the the zeal to sustain and instill into your students, the diverse value system of China. 

We are a fast growing institute and we hope to help you increase your knowledge intake and skills as you move up your career ladder. The compensation for this position will match market value and be based on your experience and skills. A candidate with the right attitude towards this position will be provided further benefits accordingly. 

Your association with the firm can be flexible. If you are a housewife with free time, or a freelancer looking for extra work, we encourage you to apply. We welcome applicants who stay in Dubai on their spouse visa and are able to spend time being trained and to make quality class preparations for her future students.


  1. To have a strong Chinese academic background with a minimum bachelor degree (or any other equivalent) from a 4-yr fully accredited university in mainland of China
  2. Be able to speak Mandarin ( 普通话) fluently with the correct accent and an emphasis on the right pronunciation. 
  3. Be able to write standard style of handwriting (楷体) of Chinese characters properly;
  4. Be able to speak English fluently – but also have good English writing capabilities for efficient communication with parents and students 
  5. Have deep love and pride of the Chinese culture, traditions and values;
  6. Teaching children requires a different kind of skill-set. If you have previous teaching experience in dealing with children aged 6yrs above and find great interest and fun in interacting and inspiring young minds this will be an added advantage.   
  7. A broad set of qualities which exemplify the ideal teacher such as sense of humor, friendliness, creativity, team-working spirits are also taken into consideration during the interview and training period. 


A full training will be given to you before you start classes. Your duties will be as follows: 

  1. Organising and delivering classroom lectures to students
  2. Evaluating student classwork and assignments 
  3. Preparing classroom and coursework material, homework assignments, and handouts 
  4. Recording and maintaining key training points after each class  
  5. Most importantly, you will be required to maintain a disciplined, vibrant and interactive atmosphere in the classroom. 

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