Meet Our Team

Our teachers are our pride. They are all highly qualified Chinese native instructors with solid Chinese academic background, with superior, unique and practical teaching method, with deep love and pride about Chinese language, history, traditions and values, with great passion on teaching this very ancient but very powerful language to people from all over the world.

Zuojing Laoshi

Hello everyone,

I called Zuo Jing, I am from a beautiful city in China – Chengdu. In 2009 I graduated from the Liaoning Shihua University of Master degree. During my undergraduate years, I had been working as a teaching assistant. Since then, I have fallen in love with teaching. From then I had a strong bond with teaching. It is not so much that teaching is my job, it is better to say that it is part of my life. With young students, I think my youth has never gone far, my enthusiasm has never dissipated.

I love my students and I want to teach my students how to love this world in my own way. A heart full of love, his life will be surrounded by love. I will always smile to face every student, with the way of encouragement instead of punishment.

I encourage my students to question me, rather than accepting the knowledge that I convey to them. Let them think in questions, to develop the habit of active learning.

I will use different teaching methods to attract students, increase the participation of students, so that students become the protagonist of the classroom. Games, music, hand and other activities so that each classroom session transforms into a colourful trip to the China. Every time a student comes to my class, there is always something new to discover so that we can ensure that students are deeply in love with Chinese classes, love to learn Chinese and switch from passive learning into active learning. I am also more willing to become friends with the students rather than the master to share all my knowledge.

Since I joined the Happy Mandarin Chinese Language Training, I have been engaged in teaching children classes, intermediate classes and adult classes and have gained a lot of valuable teaching experience. Happy Mandarin is a very professional Chinese training institution. The teachers have very high professional knowledge, are very friendly and have a great enthusiasm for teaching. I am proud to be part of the team!





Li Laoshi

Li Laoshi

Li Laoshi is one of our most beloved teachers. She joined HM in September 2017 and she has won the hearts of all her students. She is a very responsible teacher who is very devoted and passionate about teaching Chinese. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her students’ love her. They are encouraged to strive towards their best when it comes to learning Mandarin.

Li Laoshi completed the Happy Mandarin Teacher’s training in August 2018 which enabled her to carefully plan and prepares her lessons according to the curriculum, making sure that students easily grasp the lesson and progress efficiently in their Mandarin learning.

She teaches YCT and HSK courses to students from the ages six to seventeen years. She also specialises in Mandarin for Adults. She is immensely popular with her students.

The HM Teachers’ Training has played a key role in developing her teaching style as she adjusted to her role as Mandarin teacher in Dubai. Happy Mandarin and Li Laoshi have put in more than 6 months of efforts to perfect her teaching style and develop as a teacher.

She is wonderfully capable and is great at adjusting the teaching content and methods in a timely manner according to the students’ age, learning styles and characteristics.

Her classes are fun and engaging, interspersed with songs, stories and games to ensure her students are immersed, interested and actively participating and learning.

Li Laoshi is a devoted mother. She dearly loves her students and she treats them like her own child. She is a great communicator with her students and their parents. She constantly encourages her students by recognising their Chinese language achievements, boosting their confidence and thereby their drive to learn Chinese. However, she is equally disciplined regarding homework and she expects her students to complete their homework on time and lessons.

She has a high sense of responsibility and her efficiency in providing effective after class follow up has made her immensely popular with parents. She is an asset at Happy Mandarin. Her online classes have become immensely successful as students are learning very efficiently








Name: MeimeiLaoshi

Mei Mei Laoshi has been an invaluable member of the Happy Mandarin team since Aug 2017. She completed her in-house training with flying colours in Sept 2017.

MeiMei is a passionate, dedicated, resourceful and wonderful educator with a solid commitment to enhance the knowledge and Mandarin academic growth of every child under her care. She is a Montessori Teacher and combines Happy Mandarin teaching techniques to provide a well-rounded learning experience. She is particularly good with Toddlers, Early Years and Young Learners.

She has a wonderful way with little children which makes them feel comfortable and open up in her classroom. Her loud and clear voice helps students easily pick up pronunciations when they read, repeat and recite after her. She creates an immersive experience in her classroom that encourage reading, listening and responding.

She is inspired to develop lessons that captures a child’s imagination and she is committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is motivating, supportive and stimulating for each of her little charges. She has an exceptional ability to establish cooperative, interactive, cordial relationships with her fellow teachers and parents. Despite English not being her first language, she puts in a lot of effort to ensure smooth flow of communication with parents and children alike.

Language is about passion and she is truly passionate about the Chinese language. Through her teaching experience she understands the importance of weekly calls and ensures that she engages students enthusiastically during her weekly calls. Her students look forward to her calls every week. She is gracious, kind and a very loving teacher.


Name: Lin Fei Laoshi

Hello everyone! I was Lin Fei laoshi, from the “seaside Zou Lu,” said China’s Hainan Island. My Father is a primary school teacher, so I have been influenced by childhood. I graduated from the University of Guangxi journalism. I worked in an enterprise and engaged in administrative work for four years, experienced difficult environments to survive with confidence and perseverance. In 2006, I started as the teaching secretary of Qiongtai Normal University, and served three years teaching languages which opened my love for Chinese teaching and history. I got the opportunity to come to Dubai. Faced with the new teaching challenges, I set a “no regrets, no retreat, the courage to innovate and show attentive efforts” of faith, and participated in the six months of IMCPI international Chinese teacher network course training. I am honored to learn Chinese with so much pleasure, and I have a Reem teacher who has a sense of mind, a pioneering spirit and a passionate and loving person. She is good at discovering the potential of teachers and encouraging and cultivating. I also feel that Happy Mandarin team is passionate and warm. Here, my Chinese teaching was enhanced, I won the advanced Chinese teaching philosophy and professional Chinese teaching and training, as well as the character, ability of the breakthrough. I am easy-going, good at observation, willing to guide others to encourage learning. Therefore, I look forward to continuous practice and efforts, followed by the 21st century overseas Chinese teaching trends, adhere to and form a unique teaching characteristics, such as pure Chinese immersive classroom, to mobilize students to play, performance scenes, activities, games, Class, specific theme of the classroom, personalized teaching tracking. I believe that you and your child will learn Chinese in a happy Mandarin and I will instill in the pleasure of learning Chinese. Happy Mandarin welcomes you!


Name: Du Laoshi

Hello everyone, my name is Du Laoshi. I am from Jiujiang, a beautiful tourist city in Jiangxi, China. My hometown is picturesque and a beautiful city. I graduated from Jiangxi Jiujiang Normal College. I am a cheerful and lively person. My father is a sports referee and a football coach. My mother is a Yue opera actor and a Yue opera teacher. I have lived in a family of sports and art since I was a child. I like to sing and dance, because I can pass on the joy to everyone. I love children and I hope to pass my love to a group of lovely children as I have sincere enthusiasm for education!

From 2011 to 2016, I worked as a teacher in the most famous kindergarten in China, Xiaojinxing International Kindergarten, and a reading teacher. I like to tell stories and play games with children. I imitate different voices so that students have fun. The story encourages children to listen and leads the children to play different characters. The children imitate me when they go home, and play games with their mom and dad. Parents and children like me very much. I was very touched when the dean told me that my smile and love touch every parent and child.

The teacher training at Happy Mandarin has enabled me to have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and our language, and have a deeper understanding HM teaching system. This training requires me to prepare for classes and to play innovative games. of help in all aspects of manual work, the sufficiency of preparation for lessons, the diversity of teaching, the variability of game manuals, constant trials, constant thinking, careful, serious, careful, and wonderful Chinese lessons. Through this teacher training, I have also become more interested in the profession of teachers, and have greatly improved my future courses.

China is a country with thousands of years of rich history from which the characters have evolved. We have a profound history and rich culture which is receiving global recognition

I am very happy to be a part of Happy Mandarin. This is the Chinese school with the most loved principal, the most enthusiastic senior teachers, and the teachers who share my dreams. I will use the diverse learning methods of pictures, objects, music, dance and game learning in the teaching process to convey knowledge to every child who comes to learn.

I am very happy that I can stand on the stage of Happy Mandarin and show the best to parents and children, let us carry forward the Chinese culture together!





我非常高兴有缘来到“快乐学汉语”,在迪拜也有我们中国文化特色的中文学校,这里有最有爱的的校长老师,有最热情的资深老师,也有和我一样怀揣梦想的老师们,在教学过程中我会运用图片,实物,音乐,舞蹈以及游戏学习的多样化学习方式把知识传达给每位来学习的孩子。运用我的幼师特长根据孩子们的学习掌握情况进行模仿表演,让孩子们通过我的动作去掌握巩固所学的知识 ,让孩子们在学习中游戏,在游戏中掌握。


Name: Lillian Laoshi

Hello everyone,

My name is Lillian Laoshi. My lovely parents raised me in Fangchenggang, a coastal city in Guangxi in China with beautiful mountains and open waters. I graduated Guangxi Yulin Teachers College with an open heart and open mind.

I have many years of teaching experience including 3 years from 2014-2017 where I ran the primary school programs and their homework classes. During this period, I mastered many communication techniques and children interaction tool. I treat each student like my own child. We give each other love and respect and foster a beautiful and loving bond through which the children experience the joy of learning. The children love learning through music which encourages them to talk and build their communication skills. Therefore, I believe that education is not only for encouraging communication but also to spread love.

I am proud to be Chinese, to be part of a culture that is so rich with history and tradition that has transcended millennia. China is a multicultural country with more than 56 nationalities living together to share values and traditions. Chinese is a colourful language, with lot of rich elements just like paintings, music, dance, handicrafts, games and more that we use to create a wonderfully interactive and engaging curriculum.

I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be part of the Happy Mandarin family. To be part of a community that shares the same values and about teaching children and transforming them into the great individuals they are meant to be. Let’s spread our wings and learn the beauty of this wonderful language.