Our Happy Parents

Our parents have some amazing stories about their journey with us at Happy Mandarin and have been kind enough to share them with us. We are so happy to have them on board! 

Meet our amazing mothers


Meet Sandra, Ana and Ola, the mothers our happiest students, Sofia and Mughny and Nathan. Their dedication to making sure their children are inspired to learn the Chinese language is commendable and they are a role model to many of our other student mothers. Sandra, Ana and Ola come every Saturday, diligently, to attend the Chinese class along with their children – this allows them to learn the language as well but more importantly they are the biggest support to Sofia, Mughny and Nathan who are our best students in class and the fastest learners! They listen to instructions and teachings with a very keen ear and are always focussed on getting the most out of each session both them and their children. We enjoy their polite questions during class as they help other students learn better. They make notes page by page to help their children and themselves review work at home. They also enjoy sitting with their children while they complete their homework. Apart from this, they take initiative to assist class teachers make copies of both class and home assignment sheets. Sofia just scored a 95 out of 100 in her latest assesment – all a testimony to the hard work and dedication shown by Ana. Mughny is one of our best Chinese singers because of Ola’s dedication. We are so happy to have them as part of the Happy Mandarin family!.


I would deeply like to thank you, my wonderful Chinese teacher, for giving me the opportunity to have free access to learning this new language with my children, Michelle and Antony. This is the best quality time ever that I have spent with my kids.

Your only concern is the progress and the education of my kids, as well as for myself. You have a big heart and lots of patience. Teachers like you are hard to find and impossible to forget! Whenever my children hear your name, a big smile lights up on their faces, and your lessons always go by so quickly! I wouldn’t have thought that that my own 13 years old son, would sing the song for you in Chinese! Finally in would like to add that, I appreciate the time and efforts you put in for preparing every single lesson and ability to make this subject so interesting.