Our Happy Students

We love seeing smiling faces of children while they learn the Chinese language at Happy Mandarin! It gives us the greatest joy to impart this language and teach them the culture of the great Chinese land. Read on below to know what our students have to say.

Meet Mughny
Meet Mughny, one of our finest students! Mughny’s story teaches us that sheer hard work and dedication can help you conquer all obstacles. When he joined our class all of 6 years, he had his mother for support, he really struggled with Pinyin letter pronunciations. But, he never gave up. He kept practicing it on and on till he got it right. Now, we can proudly say that he has the best Chinese character pronunciations in class. He always finishes all his homework and our favourite part is that he enjoys it immensely. He loves Saturdays – when he has his class and he enjoys attending our class with his mother. It is their special time together. He has a hidden talent – singing Chinese songs, and he is so good! He recently sang the Chinese anthem and he got a standing ovation from everyone in the class. It is an absolute pleasure to hear him sing. You can click on the audio link alongside to hear him singing. You won’t be disappointed.

Listen to Mughny Sing

ai wo de jia 我爱我的家-I love my family

Meet Rohan
My name is Rohan. I have been learning Chinese for almost 3 years with Mrs. Reem, or in Mandarin Chinese: Reem老师 (Reem Laoshi). I’ve been able to learn so much with Reem Laoshi. I enjoy her method of teaching, which combines daily Mandarin words, songs, poetry, proverbs, sayings, dialogues as well as the vocabularies from the book.

As someone who might be thinking of learning Mandarin Chinese, you’d probably be overwhelmed with the amount of Chinese characters you have to learn. Reem Laoshi teaches characters in a very set and strict manner. Her method of teaching Chinese characters closely mimics that of Chinese schools, in the sense that one must write the characters in a specific order and must make sure that their writing is correct and beautiful. Reem Laoshi studied Chinese calligraphy as a youth and thus treasures the importance of writing Chinese characters structurally correct. Due to this, she pays a lot of importance to teaching her students the correct way of writing characters. My writing has so much improved, and now I am able to write both simple and complex characters correctly, quickly, fluently and confidently!

Reem Laoshi often shares stories from her childhood about the various interesting cultures and traditions of China. She doesn’t just rigidly stick to the textbook but gives extra information. To make sure we have a good understanding of the People’s Republic of China, she teaches Chinese history, geography, the National Anthem, culture, music, and if you’re lucky, Chinese food! After only 3 years in Reem Laoshi’s class(once in a week), I am at HSK (汉语水平考试) Level 3 and I recently went on a “Student Exchange” program to Dalian and Beijing in China. I was able to handle daily routine for me and my dad and speak Mandarin with local people confidently!

Hello from China

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Rohan's Handwriting