Our Very First Month at Happy Mandarin

It’s that time of the year again! We have finally welcomed all our students to the first classes of Happy Mandarin. Our first month of classes was a very happy time indeed.

For our Director and Founder, Reem Laoshi, this is the time to make her planning and hoping come to life. She is truly focussed on inspiring the students and making them learn and more importantly have a fun class. The four lines below truly sum up her teaching methodology:

I’m here to serve, I’m here to care
I’m here to help you learn and share.
I’m here to inspire, I’m here to reach
but most of all I’m here to teach!



It gives us so much pleasure to witness how much our students wait to come back to class with us. It gives us the greatest pleasure to see so much keenness in their eyes to learn the beautiful Chinese language. In class, their listening with focus, watching with observing eyes, asking quality and ceative questions,  answering questions with confidence, participating class activities with passion, giggling and smiling at funny moments….


Happy Mandarin holds their classes in the beautiful classrooms of Raffles International School located conveniently in Jumeriah. The classrooms are well equipped with the best teaching environment and our students lapped this atmosphere up on their first days with Happy Mandarin. Students and parents alike all assembled together at RIS on October  and we enjoyed all the excited interactions between the parents and the students! Everyone had stories to share and things to discuss and it took a while before our students settled down into class to start the class.


Our well trained teachers were spot on when it came to conducting their very first classes with Happy Mandarin. After greeting all the parents outside, they took charge of the students and their classrooms immediately, sorting out all the admin nitty-gritty and reminding students of the norms and rules. They then got straight into teaching.


Our students were amazing. Attentive and ready to absorb all the knowledge. It was a pleasure to watch them learn so well. The beginners were enthusiastic and the students who had returned to class were well prepared over the holidays so they did not take any time to start grasping new concepts.
We would also like to particularly thank the school custodians and maintenance staff at Raffles International School. They did a remarkable job of getting the classrooms ready to welcome the students and they were particularly cheerful and helpful. Each classroom was clean and organized optimally.
All in all, we had a smooth opening. We are so proud and appreciative of our professional staff for bringing the knowledge, skills and the good spirit to make our first month classes an enjoyable and exciting time for all of our students and families.


The overwhelming sentiment was that our students were very happy to be back, looking forward to a terrific year ahead.