The Beauty of the Chinese Language

The Chinese language is the oldest written language in the world and it is amazing to know that it is almost 6000 years old and it is the only language still in existence! It is also the most stable language. Interestingly, the Chinese language is written with hieroglyphs – which means it is not written according to the spoken language using phonetics. For this reason modern Chinese can understand articles written almost 2000 years ago as well. Languages written with phonetics change over time, it is for this reason people find it difficult to understand Shakespeare writings.

People who have studied Chinese realize that the Chinese character is not just a character, but it is also an art. Every stroke in the character forms a beautiful combination of a meaning. It is said that Chinese character evolves from time to time based on the actual object – this means that a lot thought was put into the words formed to understand their meaning.

Although the written system has been altered over time due to revolutions and political changes, the principles of the language along with the symbols and characters have remained basically the same. The “pinyin” system was introduced recently to make the language more understandable. This is for people who are more familiar with the Western alphabet but are learning to speak Chinese. This system uses the alphabet and spelling to pronounce Chinese words. To keep up with the times, we have adopted this teaching methodology at Happy Mandarin as well.

In addition it is also a scientific language. It is concise – a sentence in Chinese can be said in the same way but it will be shorter and more precise. Moreover, it is logical, for example, while ordering the words in a sentence – the subject comes first, then the verb and then the object. It is considered as having the highest level of language development by linguists around the world.

When you learn the language, we know you will fall in love with it and find its inherent charm.