The importance of studying the chinese language

Why your little one should study the Chinese language?


There are so many compelling reasons why you would want your little one to study the Chinese language!

So that he/she is a world player

The rise of China as the next super power compels us to think about implications this will have when your child grows up to live and work on a global field! It presents to us new economic, political and social ramifications that demand him/her to have the necessary tools so that they can be engaged and thriving as global players.  There is widespread urgency in the world to raise this engagement and demonstrate a functional proficiency in Chinese. Give your child the competitive edge he deserves.

So that he opens his mind to a whole new world

To best way to understand a culture of a country is to speak their language. China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it is extremely rich in its splendid traditions. At the heart of this great country is a diverse heritage of poetry, drama and stories, that reflect and give us amazing insight into the sensibilities, struggles, joys, sorrows of its great people. At Happy Mandarin we help you understand what forms the foundation of this language, what goes behind the culture, what makes the Chinese language so powerful. Our students are always so inspired by the stories they learn, and they naively express their desire to live and work in China. That is our aim, not just to teach them a language, but to actually equip them with tools to thrive in a Chinese society and be global citizens of the world.

Because it is beautiful

At Happy Mandarin we find the art of learning and teaching the Chinese language fascinating – it sounds melodious when we hear it or speak it,  and it writes out like a beautiful poem! Contrary to what people feel, it is really fun, easy and interesting to learn the Chinese language. It helps stimulate young  minds, as it is an intelligent language, but at the same time is also very artistically formed. We always have a happy and inspired bunch of students at the end of all our classes.

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